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A twine demo made for #myfirstgamejam summer edition. This jam didn't go well for me, so this project wasn't to my best potential. It is a demo or prototype so this will be updated to a full version some day. It's a rough draft basically. If there's anything wrong let me know in the comments please. Enjoy.

Music used in game, hopefully this will change soon.

"Getting Away" by Ars Sonor, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

"Darkness" by Three Chain Links, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


I never finished this game and don't plan on it. I have greatly improved and started other projects. I don't really like this game anymore. The only changes are new music and more words than the previous demo. The if statements are kind of jacked up still and I finally learned variables and macros, understanding them better than in this game, but it wasn't utilized in this demo. So this is just an unfinished project that will just be left here as a reminder of progress I guess, things once done.

All music in this game is performed by Monplaisir.

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it with winrar or something. The game is an html file.


Madrugada.zip 41 MB

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